Session FAQs

Session FAQs

What is a typical session like?

The most important element of the portrait session is feeling relaxed and connected. To achieve this, we will spend time envisioning your photo shoot together in a preliminary phone consultation.

A typical session lasts 1-2 hours during which you will be encouraged to play and enjoy the process in a relaxed, and playful environment. I capture moments: sparkling eyes, natural smiles, and unique expressions.

Where are the photos taken?

A lot depends on what “feel” you would like for your photos.

The Lifestyle Session

I love photographing outside and can suggest many magical outdoor locations for your session. Outdoor sessions add a natural and spontaneous feeling and create a myriad of possibilities for backdrop settings including big old trees, open fields, and earthy textures. Children and families are often spontaneous and playful in these settings producing candid and journalistic results.

Another option for the Lifestyle Session is a photo shoot in your home. It's a real feel of "you" surrounded by the things you love.

Being captured in your element: photographs are taken in living rooms, bedrooms, in yards, basically anywhere there is available window or natural light.

With outdoor sessions, ideal times to shoot are late afternoon, cloudy days, or locations with shady areas during the day.

The Classic Session

The Classic Session takes place in the studio at Sherman Mills in East Falls, PA. A traditional feeling with controlled, flattering lighting, simple backgrounds and props, and light posing. At the studio we have music and a variety of toys, chairs, tutus and hats to entice children to play and enjoy the session. We also encourage you to bring any favorite toys, blankets or other personal items to be included in the photos.

What should my child wear?

It depends on the look that you're going for.

Classic Casual: Keeping it simple is the way to go. Jeans, dresses, a very clean look with minimal distractions.

Modern Trendy: Rich colors, layers, textured fabric, accessories. Check out Anthropologie or Mini Boden for some ideas.

Accessories, such as hats, jewelry, belts, purses, and scarves, can really add flair to a photograph. I am always up for something fun and funky, so if you have something that you're not sure about, bring it!

For newborns, I have a few knitted diaper covers and wool sacks, and my favorite is photographing them in their bare skin -- it makes for some beautiful images. I also have a wooden cheese crate and wicker baskets lined with a wool rug that make for adorable images.

***Feel free to bring multiple outfits if you're not sure or if you'd like a couple clothing changes for variety. I have a few soft, full, and bright pettiskirts for young girls that look fantastic paired with a simple tank top. I suggest for family photos everyone to wear similar natural tones of color: for example, blues, grays, and browns tend to photograph well together.

What not to wear: articles of clothing with words, characters, or logos.

What should I wear for a Goddess/maternity session?

It's always nice to have a few outfits to change into so you can vary your images. What's most important is that you choose things that are "you" and that you feel confident and comfortable. Below are some client favorites:

  • Fitted tank (black, white, favorite color) and/or fitted shirt
  • Pre-pregnancy jeans (unbuttoned, of course) if they still fit! If they don't fit, maternity jeans are great, too.
  • Your favorite maternity outfit
  • Button-down shirt or cardigan (unbuttoned some of the way down so your belly can be exposed)
  • We also have a variety of beautiful materials that you can be wrapped in like for a more of an artsy, semi-nude look. I’m always encouraging my pregnant clients to show off their Goddess bodies! It’s sometimes a once,(maybe twice , three times or more!), and a life-time experience.

When will we see the images?

I will need up to 2 weeks to edit and retouch. From there you either receive you a link to view your online-proofs or DVD.